Welcome to “Modern Educational School (M E S)” and  to our new belief in the necessity and inevitability of change which we subdue them for a better future.

Since the first moment of getting the idea of opening our school, MES  has assumed a guarantee for quality and innovation in support of basic visions which accompanied the first breakthrough, notably:

Develop competitive performance to support our students outside the geographical framework of the place.

Providing the infrastructure to achieve all goals by investing generously in all scientific facilities such as laboratories , sports playgrounds and transportation , in addition to the adaptation of  any program that would help in maintaining our success.

We consider ourselves  a part of the community and our team work hard to keep a cooperative relationship with the community and to maintain their highest level of proficiency by using an efficient applications of national and foreign programs, which we  strive to develop  it year after year. And finally: the determination to proceed steadily, with the beginning of each year is to harness our services so they can achieve their goals and  students would be able to delight their parents who are our real partners.